Set of Articles on the Impending Fed Decision on Rates Next Week

15.09.11 WSJ - Dollar Imports Trouble for the Fed

15.09.11 WSJ – Emerging Markets Face More Trouble

15.09.12 FT – Get Used the ‘Strong Dollar’ Talk Post Fed

15.09.12 Investors Flee EM on US Rate Uncertainty

15.09.12 FT - Falling Brics- Great Reversal in Ratings

15.09.12 FT – Volatile Week Ends with Return of Stress in Stocks Before Fed Decision

15.09.12 FT - Homegrown Reasons for the Fed to Stay Put

15.09.12 E - A Brief History of Rate Rises – Tightening Pains

15.09.12 E – The Federal Reserve – False Start

15.09.10 FT – Switzerland Keeps Fingers Crossed for Increase

15.09.10 FT – Emerging Markets Braced for Ripple Effect


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