301-15 Stakeholder Themes – Readings

05.11.08 FT – Verizon Faces Growing Competition for US Carriers copy

06.02.20 BW – Attack Of The Hungry Hedge Funds copy

06.08.06 WSJ – Ketchup Fight – Peltz, Heinz CEO Go at It copy

06.10.17 WSJ – Debt Buyers vs the Indebted (Private Equity vs Hedge Funds) copy

06.11.27 Barrons - Mergers - The New Reign of Terror (Bondholders) copy

06.12.12 WSJ - Applebee's Investor Targets Board Shake-Up Push copy

07.01.20 WSJ – Home Depot Directors To Visit Activist Investor copy

07.02.13 WSJ – A Home Depot Blueprint copy

07.02.13 WSJ – Home Depot Bows to Whitworth Again copy

07.04.27 WSJ – Restaurants React to Investor Criticism copy

07.05.26 WSJ – Making Sense of the Risks Posed by Governance Issues copy

07.05.28 BW – Put Investors in their Place copy

07.06.11 Fortune – Carl Icahn copy

08.02.01 WSJ – Motorola to Spin Off Handset Unit, As Icahn Waits – WSJ.com copy

08.04.07 WSJ – Boards Give Up the Taming Act copy

08.04.11 WSJ – A Bittersweet Victory – Cadbury Breakup copy

10.02.22 Barrons – Profits, Praise Grow for Shareholder Activists copy

10.03.04 NYT – Beware, Activists are on the Hunt copy

10.12.08 NYT - Fortune Brands is Said to Plan Split-Up copy

11.04.15 WSJ – Firms Tip Back Scales in Favor of Stocks copy

11.07.16 WSJ - Heavy Bets on Clorox Options Before Icahn Bid copy

11.07.16 WSJ – Icahn’s Next Target – Clorox copy


11.08.03 FT - Activists Hover as McGraw-Hill Refocuses copy

11.08.03 FT - McGraw-Hill copy

13.03.19 WSJ – Activist Fights Draw Extra Attention copy



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