101-14 Stock Buybacks, Splits, Dividends, Etc – Readings

07.01.24 WSJ - Buybacks Lag, Squeeze 1Looms for Earnings copy

07.12.10 Barrons – Buybacks That Bite Back copy1

08.03.04 WSJ – Bank Dividends Lack a Case in Tough Times copy1

08.08.30 WSJ – With Buybacks, Look Before You Leap copy1

09.08.24 Barrons – Washed Out (Sears) copy1

09.11.23 Fortune – Dividends for the Long Run copy1

10.01.21 WSJ – New American Cash Conundrum – Too Much copy1

10.03.30 FT – Veni, Divi, Vici (Dividend Screen) copy1

10.05.10 WSJ – Companies Should Keep Their Cash Stashes copy1

10.07.13 FT – Bye-Bye Backs copy1

11.01.24 Barrons – Beware the Buyback Craze copy1

11.02.09 FT – Pace of US Equity Buybacks Picks Up copy1

11.07.25 Fortune – We Buy High and Sell Low copy1

11.08.24 FT - Don't Buy Back in Anger copy1


11.10.12 WSJ – Buying Shares, Buying Trouble copy1

12.01.11 WSJ - Right Kind of Dividend Makes Difference copy1

12.02.21 FT – Investors Weigh Prospects for Dividend Catch-Up copy1

12.06.08 WSJ - Idea of a Dividend Bubble Has Some Pop copy1

12.09.10 WSJ - Showing Bad Timing on Stock Buybacks copy1

13.02.25 Fortune – Thriving on the Dividend and Buyback Diet copy1

13.03.02 WSJ - Stock Splits, That's So 90s copy1

13.05.25 WSJ - How to Use Stock Splits to Build a Winning Portfolio copy1

13.11.05 WSJ - Stock Splits Rekindle a Polarizing Debate copy1

14.08.20 WSJ - Apple Shares Close at Record, Top Google Over 10 Years copy1

14.09.16 WSJ – Companies’ Buyback Binge Buoys the Market copy1

14.09.22 Barrons - Breaking the Buyback Habit copy1

111.03.22 WSJ – Heaven Cent – Citi Reinstates Dividend copy

112.01.14 FT - Get Your Coupon copy




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